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As seen on ABC news.
Read  by Johnny Mountain

El Niño Exposed


Fiery mountains, floods of mud,
'Tis but more el Niño crud.
Darkened morning, light at night,
Nasty Niño soon will light.

Windy morning, falling trees,
Skies aglow with bumble bees.
Green at Christmas, snow in June,
Means El Niño's coming soon.

Woke up pregnant, with the flu,
That's El Niño's gift for you.
Feeling tired, no get go?
Tis but part of Niño show.

Car won't start; and brakes won't stop,
Break the law, and you find Cop.
Wife is grouch, kids the same.
Only Niño can you blame.

Global warming, quakes and tides. 
That is how, El Niño chides.
Hair is falling, by the bunch,
It's El Niño, is our hunch.

Lost your job, and gained ten pounds?
Soon El Niño'll make the rounds.
Have a feeling of despair?
It's El Niño, in the air.

Boss is grouchy won't give raise.
Always bitching, never praise.
Always sickly, 'tho on pill,
To El Niño, send the bill.

Got no raise, or pat on back,
Don't feel you, are part of pack?
Wait it out, your day is near.
Soon el Niño you can jeer.


© 2000 E. Acevedo

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