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You silly coot, straight cannot shoot,
'Twas hare your arrow stung!
Perfect your aim, or leave in shame,
Do not return bow strung.

I need your help, you cupid whelp;
Must I call Robin Hood?
Perhaps that guy, his arrow fly,
And hit the place he should.

There's so much you, to help must do,
Much love you must bestow.
The need is great to kindle mate,
Do right, or else please go!

I want to be, desired you see,
I need a ton of love.
Buy brand new bow, don't shoot at doe.
Instead try smallest dove.

So string your bow, let missile go,
Make sure the heart is mine.
Else I'll be mad, and wish I had,
A smarter Valentine.


January 27, 1999,  E. Acevedo

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