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Birthday Greeting to Julia Lynne Peysar Olivas

"Mouth" isn't name, that brings one fame, "Big Foot" flatters much less!
"Jugie"O.K, "Popcorn" can stay; "Fav'rite" will more impress!

But here today, all we should say, is Happy Birthday, gal!
A daughter fine; like ancient wine; a wife, a mom, a pal.

The stork we heard, was early bird, came five weeks before due.
Poor Darlene's wait, for later date, brought kicking at debut.

When only four, composed own score, for tune 'bout duck of white.
On Seattle train, all ears did strain, as to all brought delight.

At South Pas High, she caught the eye, of all who curves would glean.
Pepsi each morn, instead of corn, when still a prim young teen. 

Outgoing she, of spirit free; vivacious friend and host.
Her tiny feet, of class elite; a pout that rivals most.

First learned to cook, from oft-charred book, its pages singed with age.
But now's quite good, burns only wood; instead of paper page.

Her Prescott move, was to improve, the weather wet and pure.
'stead of cool mist, that she once kissed, lightning would now endure.

Loves the Bee Gees; Travolta's knees; that Janet J. and rest.
The movie "Grease" has favorite piece, that Newton John sings best.

Blueberry cakes, from menu takes, loves lemon tarts as well.
Julie loves cats; dogs drive her bats; she thinks that popcorn's swell.

Each time Mom bakes, Dear Julie aches, for bars and apple pie.
She savors all, her way may fall; Mom's Baking's For to Die!

All spiders fears, bring her to tears; tarantulas too dreads.
And scorpions, too; that hide in shoe, and sometimes laze in beds.

Chili cheese fries, bring joy to eyes, she these at Tops once ate.
That Salad Bar, now waits afar; Claim Jumper was so great! 

The years she's known, like birds have flown; can thirty correct be?
Sara and Sis, and Jake are bliss; Tom, too is great to see. 

With hazel eyes, our "Fav'rite sighs, for "Blueberry strike gong!
Let's give big cheer, for birthday dear, thirty and going strong! 

Heaven forbid, her age has hid, and soon will thirty be!
She's had great life, as teen, as wife; as proud Mom of kids three.

A birthday wish from Mom (also Grandma) 
to Daughter Julia on the 30th anniversary of her birth, July 31, 2001. 

2000 E. Acevedo


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