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Tho Pilgrims not, we've still a lot,
For which to thankful be.
The moon in June, a cheerful tune,
The sky above, the sea.

The trees, the flowers, those tender hours,
The smiles we see each day.
The clouds, the stars, our flashy cars,
The sound of child at play.

Of dog, his bark, the green at park,
The birds that chirp with joy.
When good the news, when right your views.
All this, we do enjoy.

We give thanks, too for you and You.
And all our other pals.
The bliss at work, the lack of jerk,
The won'drous corps of gals.

Oh, yes, there's much, our thanks can touch,
The mere fact that we're here.
To breathe the air, to laugh, to care,
To know these things so dear.

For all of this, we thank in bliss,
and humbly our heads bow.
We're thankful for, all this and more,
The past, and all the now.

2000 E. Acevedo


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