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The Chihuahua Chick

They say that Tigger, is no bigger, than a mouse or small rat.
This 3-year old, wears coat when cold; wishes she had more fat.

Is sensitive, when love don't give; she's likely then to pout.
From kitchen floor, she loves to roar; when she must be put out. 

She's tan and white; cowspots in sight; but naught a single flea.
She's Linda's pet, jealous can get, when instead Sasha see.

At strangers barks, at home or parks; 
hates baths and small kids too.
She loves to beg, for scratch on leg; 
adores brushing anew.

Will eat all things, that Rudy brings; 
has seconds and then some. 
If she eats more, won't fit through door; 
will stuck there soon become.

Was bought as pup; but now's grown up; demands attention more!
She's hard to wake; when nap does take; she really loves to snore.

This apple-dome, has found a home; she's pride of the Garays.
Sasha says no, and does not know; why such a runt is craze.

She is no fun; when day is done; prefers to sleep all night.
If she would go, much joy would know; would be sole dog in sight.

Dedicated October 7, 2002 to the Garay Clan, including Sasha, from Nick@Poponoetry.com

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