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Thoughts at Easter Time

This is the time, when children chime; in search of eggs of sweet,
But we forget, the blood He  let; so we this day could  fete.

Go have your fun, though He had none; as evil plot was born,
As your egg roll; remember toll, He paid in days forlorn.

As joy you find; recall in mind; the treachery of kiss;
That Judas gave; to make Him Slave, by act of cowardice.

Remember, too; as things you do, at Eastertime for fun. 
Into the tent, of Caiphos went; his trail there to be done.

And as you eat; your Easter treat; recall His supper last;
As bread you break; a moment take; to think of desert fast.

Recall that He; His end did see; as with His twelve sat he.
Betrayal knew; should soon come to; His own end did foresee.

Recall in shame; that witness came; in hope to his faith break.
But He stood firm; and didn't squirm; though his life was at stake.

And He said naught; with fear unfraught; he faced his certain end.  
He told priest high: that though He'd die; the truth would never bend.

Hereafter you ; shall see me do; thing you will not believe:
You'll see the Son, of Man though one; right hand of power achieve.

And as you see; your family; remember cross He knew.
As searching hike; remember spike; He suffered this for you.

2000 E. Acevedo


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