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The Sash Saga

This grownup pup, is all mixed up, knows not from where she came.
Part-Labrador, that did adore; a Terrier without name.

From Terrier, came her fine hair; from Lab her friendliness.
With kids will play, by pool all day; will seldom leave a mess.

Though seven now, she knows not how, she ever came to be.
Bathing's top hate; and treats on plate; prefers food Pedigree.

Knows how to beg, for scratch on leg; 
loves being brushed on back.
All birds will chase, from ev'ry place; 
protects her private shack.

Is proud of peak, thinks it is chic; 
tries hard to Linda please.
Is kind to most, specially host; 
barks when kids swim she sees.

Coat's golden brown, on Lab not found; Retriever traits abound.
Tough not pure-bred; is still well-fed; so nice that she's around. 

Though get along, thinks Tigger's wrong; to have such jealousy.
With Tigger small, won't fight at all; won't mess on fav'rite tree.

Barks proud each day, as if to say, I'm queen of Garay yard.
Tigger can lie, on floor nearby; Sasha can take life hard.

Dedicated to the Garay's and their Dogs by Nick@Poponpoetry.com

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