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The Common Cold

It used to be, a kiss you see,
Would guarantee a cold.
But now sneeze mere, is 'nuff to fear,
Even by those most bold.

Don't dare hold hands, cause bug there lands,
and does its dirty deed.
So best wear gloves, 'less one one loves'
This safety hint does heed.

To be assured, the term's not lured,
To enter in your space.
You'd better climb in freezing clime,
And there on mount them face.

Or go below, Titanic know, 
Perhaps it's safe in wet.
Or move to moon,  and live with loon,
Away from germs you've met.

If you can't stand, these rigors planned,
It's best you wear a suit.
Of saranwrap, from toe to cap,
To keep you fresh and mute.

Else sniffle on, battle unwon,
The COLD is here to stay.
On blow your nose, with tissue rose,
But throw those used away.


2000 E. Acevedo

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