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Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary

Wed for fifty, may seem nifty; 
but it is LOTS of work!
You must obey, orders each day; 
your chores you dare not shirk.

To all you hear, respond "Yes Dear", 
her wish, make your command!
Never say no; never let go: 
It's simple! Understand?

If she gets ill, go fetch the pill; 
Let her in bed remain!
When she is tired; a maid is hired; 
wife cannot stand the strain.

If she grows fat; no eyelash bat; 
there's much more now to love.
If charms now sag; you don't dare nag;
give thanks they're still above.

When wrinkles come; just play it dumb; 
she's still your teenage queen!
If you can't run; you'll have more fun;
give thanks for what has been.

When hair turns grey, don't turn away; 
suggest that dye would do.
Just tell her that, you're glad she's at; 
the prime of life with YOU.

Yes, fifty years, takes many tears: 
as well as strength and pain.
But they can be; happy you see; 
if you begin again.

So thanks your stars; for all the scars;
they're worth each bloody scratch!
Your choice was right, all bad despite;
you were a perfect match.

Dedicated to all who made it!
October 1999,  E. Acevedo

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